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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Superior Person's words

Ever heard of the "soterial sequel" to the Superior Person's Book of Words by Peter Bowler?

Will try and post an extract from it, every now and then. Here's one for any given Monday: Clinomania

I do believe the wonderfully eccentric Sark is a Clinomaniac - she's from another planet, mind you; but deliciously inspirational, with all her best ideas coming at night. She wears PJs at Airport Terminals and then on the plane she's a passenger on, and falls asleep in the strangest places during the day, usually with drool puddling on whatever she's using for a pillow at the time.

I know a clinomaniac too - she sleep walks into the office and you just DON'T talk to her about anything until 10am (and sometimes that's even pushing it). Clinomania's are generally grumpy, unreasonable the morning. So there, now you have the appropriate label to slap on a grumpy half asleep person in the mornings.